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Deep Dive: Amber Group | How is a Trading Firm Helping to Grow the Largest NFT Community?!

November 11, 2021

Deep Dive: Amber Group | How is a Trading Firm Helping to Grow the Largest NFT Community?!
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Tony He is a Co-Founder of Amber Group, a leading crypto finance platform that has incubated a new project called Loot Swag.

We unstack:
- What is Loot?
- Why did Amber decide to build tools for the Loot ecosystem vs. another crypto game?
- What is Loot Swag and what can it be used for? 
- How Loot is democratizing access to Loot bags via mLoot and Synthetic Loot 
- How is the rarity of OG Loot Bags determined?
- What is the future of Loot Swag?
+ more!

Loot Project (Website)
Loot Swag (Twitter)

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