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Deep Dive: Animoca | What's the Future of Blockchain Game Design?

July 29, 2020

Deep Dive: Animoca | What's the Future of Blockchain Game Design?
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This week we unstack with James Ho, Senior Business Strategist at Animoca Brands, a leading public game publisher headquartered in Hong Kong.

Animoca leverages gamification, blockchain, and AI to develop and publish a broad portfolio of gaming titles such as The Sandbox, F1 Delta Time, Garfield Games, Doremon Games etc.

We unstack:

Animoca’s vision for the blockchain gaming ecosystem, a burgeoning subset within a $150billion gaming industry

The current centralized free-to-play gaming model, which he describes is a walled garden approach to gaming

Ways open-sourced blockchain games will disrupt this model, such as offering user-generated NFTs and ultimately enabling true digital ownership of virtual assets

Token-based incentive mechanisms of blockchain games

Gaming in Asia 

05:55 How blockchain gaming will disrupt the current free-to-play model
08:14 The “walled-garden” state of gaming
09:55 Animoca’s gaming alliances and investments
12:09 Gameplay with non-fungible tokens (NFT)
20:35 Monetization of blockchain gaming in a $150Bn industry
29:20 Looking into the future: financial services in gaming?
35:25 Rapid fire Q&A

Twitter: @animocabrands
Email: jamesh@animocabrands.com
Website: www.animocabrands.com

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