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Deep Dive: Arbor Digital | How can RIAs use Crypto to Help Clients Build a Multi-Generational Legacy?

May 28, 2022

Deep Dive: Arbor Digital | How can RIAs use Crypto to Help Clients Build a Multi-Generational Legacy?
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Marc Nichols is a Product Director at Arbor Digital , a subsidiary of registered investment advisory firm Arbor Capital. Marc is a Certified Investment Management Analyst CIMA® and Wealth Management Certified Professional WMCP®, and holds a Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets®.

Marc started his career as a professional tennis player and coach before transitioning to financial services as an associate advisor with Merrill Lynch in Princeton, NJ. Marc went on to start an advisory business serving wealth management clients in the New York and New Jersey market with Charles Schwab. Recorded on May 3, 2022.

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Recorded on May 3, 2022


We unstack: 
-  How was Arbor Digital set up to offer crypto in client portfolios?
-  Shift of investment vehicles: from GBTC to direct crypto exposure 
- Top crypto questions Marc gets from clients
- How older generations are learning about crypto through the next generation
- PlannerDAO, DACFP, and bringing forward crypto education
+ more!

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