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Deep Dive: Blockfills | Managing Risk in a Crypto Bear Market

June 13, 2022

Deep Dive: Blockfills | Managing Risk in a Crypto Bear Market
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John Divine is a financial markets professional focused on structured products, derivatives, lend, borrow and spot market execution for digital assets. John began his career as a market maker for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Intercontinental Exchange-listed derivatives, specializing in precious metals, interest rates, energies, and forward volatility curves. John has also operated within environmental product markets, listed, and OTC for compliance and voluntary participants. John moved into the digital asset arena trading as an Execution Specialist for an industry-leading hedge fund before joining BlockFills, where he is currently engaging with institutional participants in digital asset markets on strategy development & execution.


We unstack: 
-  Why trading is about "solving the puzzle"
-  How to build a financial contract from scratch 
- John's take on the current state of crypto and whether we're in a bear market
-  Risk management and crypto yield opportunities in futures and options
+ more!

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