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Deep Dive: Charged Particles | Creating Yield-Bearing NFTs

April 08, 2021

Deep Dive: Charged Particles | Creating Yield-Bearing NFTs
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NFT financialization. Yield-bearing NFTs. Growing an NFT project.

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About the episode
Ben Lakoff is Co-Founder of Charged Particles, a smart wallet that allows users to turn their favorite NFTs into yield-generating investments.

Topics unstacked
- The new class of yield-bearing aka “charged” NFTs
- How charged NFTs can drive NFT financialization
- Diverse use cases for Charged Particles
- Growing a NFT DeFi project (learning from the Discord community)

Gitcoin Kernel Program
Charged Particles Lepton
Charged Particles Use Cases

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Ben's Twitter: @benlakoff
Ben's podcast: The Alt Asset Allocation Podcast
Charged Particle's Twitter: @DefiNft
Website: www.charged.fi

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