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Deep Dive: EulerBeats | Mathematical Art on an NFT Substrate

March 29, 2021

Deep Dive: EulerBeats | Mathematical Art on an NFT Substrate
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Enigma LP. Music NFTs. ERC 1155 v. ERC 721.

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About the Episode
Constantin Kostenko is Senior Director for Blockchain Solution Architecture & Strategy with ConsenSys Mesh for Treum, the team behind EulerBeats.

Topics Unstacked

- The Sacramento Kings' live blockchain-powered auction platform
- The Circular Economy
- Generative audio: from Swether to EulerBeats
- EulerBeats as a game theory experiment
- ERC 1155 v. ERC 721 standards
- EulerBeats milestones and the Enigma LP auction on March 29, 2021
- How EulerBeats looks to fundamentally change the music industry wrt royalties
+ more!

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