*New* Crypto Unstacked Trader's Edition
Deep Dive: GRIID | What's Happening off the GRIID?

June 22, 2020

Deep Dive: GRIID | What's Happening off the GRIID?
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Harry Sudock is Director of Strategy at Griid, one of the preeminent mining infrastructure companies in North America.

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We unstack:
►His team’s year long global search for the right mining location
►Why they ultimately chose to come back to the U.S to set up their mining facility
►Griid’s process for evaluating infrastructure partners
► Pricing mining hardware
► Why mining centralization is not a problem
► His global macro take on Bitcoin

02:13 - Introduction and background
05:35 - Griid’s mining business model
07:52 - Process for evaluating infrastructure partners
09:24 - Hardware - pricing and procurement
12:19 - Energy - sources and sustainability
17:44 - Harry on mining centralization
22:06 - Hashrate futures market
25:02 - Harry’s global macro-take on Bitcoin
28:07 - Why you should get exposure to mining
30:04 - How Griid plans for the future
32:03 - Rapid Fire

Twitter: @harry_sudock 
Email: harry@griid.com

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Website: www.ambergroup.io

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