*New* Crypto Unstacked Trader's Edition
Deep Dive: Hash House | The world of China crypto mining

June 30, 2020

Deep Dive: Hash House | The world of China crypto mining
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Kirk Su is Founder of Hash House and an OG Bitcoin miner who's operated mining facilities in the West and the East.

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We unstack:
► Coal as the preferable energy source for miners in China
► Partnering with private vs. state-owned Chinese enterprises
► Why mining is not as profitable as some people think
+ more!

01:56 - Introduction and background
03:32 - Kirk the Montana Miner
05:30 - Hardware procurement challenges in the U.S.
10:51 - How Kirk’s mining company was acquired
12:22 - What Kirk learned from mining in the West
16:16 - Why Chinese miners use coal power
21:47 - Private vs. public power plants in China
25:23 - Relationship with Bitcoin.com
27:05 - Community-building in crypto (and Kirk’s whiskey bar)
29:18 - Mining myths
31:29 - Rapid Fire


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