*New* Crypto Unstacked Trader's Edition
Deep Dive: Hummingbot | How To Democratize Market Making for the Long Tail of Crypto Traders

May 21, 2022

Deep Dive: Hummingbot | How To Democratize Market Making for the Long Tail of Crypto Traders
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Michael is the Co-founder of Hummingbot, a platform that allows users to run their own high-frequency market making bot and automate crypto trading. Recorded on April 21, 2022.

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Sudhu Arumugam is the host of Trader's Edition. 

We unstack:
- Michael's background in derivatives and structured product trading
- Michael's close observations of the 2008 financial crisis 
- Hummingbot's early iteration and integration with crypto exchanges
- Hummingbot's monetization models for its open source technology
- How Hummingbot's liquidity-based scheme differs from  volume-based market making compensation schemes
- Why Michael believes smaller traders have an advantage versus larger traders in crypto
+ more

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