*New* Crypto Unstacked Trader's Edition
Deep Dive: Huobi DeFi Labs | The Price is Right! Or is It?

October 27, 2020

Deep Dive: Huobi DeFi Labs | The Price is Right! Or is It?
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Information symmetry. AMM designs. DeFi logic holes.

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About the episode
Sharlyn Wu is Chief Investment Officer at Huobi DeFi Labs.

Topics unstacked
- Emergence of information symmetric world
- First principle of financial product design
- AMM designs (Uniswap v. CoFix) + advantages of a decentralized price oracle (Nest)
- Current DeFi logic holes: pricing risk and risk management

6:00 Credit risk and volatility risk
8:30 Information symmetric world of DeFi
12:00 Deconstructing financial structures
19:40 Fundamental problem with Uniswap
20:50 CoFix - generalized MM model
25:10 Price discovery in CeFi and DeFi
29:20 Verifying prices in Nest
36:30 Incentivising liquidity providers
38:08 Huobi DeFi Labs’ vision
43:45 Choosing not to build DeFi products in-house
46:50 Can DeFi enable financial inclusion? 


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