*New* Crypto Unstacked Trader's Edition
Deep Dive: LedgerPrime | Prime Time for Crypto Derivatives?

July 22, 2020

Deep Dive: LedgerPrime | Prime Time for Crypto Derivatives?
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Shiliang Tang is Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of LedgerPrime, a quantitative crypto hedge fund based in New York.

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We unstack:
►LedgerPrime’s view on the regulated and unregulated crypto derivatives space
►The future of Bitcoin ETFs
►DeFi yield farming and broader DeFi risks
►The role and future of stablecoins

1:55 LedgerPrime's founding story
8:20 View on the crypto derivatives space
20:10 Bitcoin ETF and Grayscale Investment Products
23:18 WorldCover - Parametric insurance in Africa
29:23 DeFi yield and risk
33:23 Tether and the future of stablecoins
37:55 Rapid Fire Q&A


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Email: contact@ambergroup.io
Website: www.ambergroup.io

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