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Deep Dive: Luxor Tech | What is Hashrate and Why is it Important?

June 19, 2020

Deep Dive: Luxor Tech | What is Hashrate and Why is it Important?
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Ethan Vera is CFO and Co-Founder of Luxor Technologies, one of the largest Bitcoin and altcoin mining pools in North America.

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We unstack: 
►Mining pool business model
►The Luxor profit switching pool
►The anatomy of hashrate
►The emergence of hashrate as an asset class 
►Chinese crypto exchanges and hashrate futures
+ more!

02:29 - Introduction and background
04:16 - Mining Pool 101
08:57 - Profit Switching in Mining Pools
12:00 - Institutional Demand
13:52 - Assessing Mining Pool Risk
15:06 - Anatomy of Hashrate
15:58 - Hashprice - The Value of Hashrate
18:16 - Volatility of Hashprice
21:44 - New Mining Pools - Binance, Lubian
24:19 - Hashrate Futures Market
30:43 - Rapid Fire


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