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Deep Dive: Luxor Tech | When Bitcoin Mining Meets DeFi

February 12, 2021

Deep Dive: Luxor Tech | When Bitcoin Mining Meets DeFi
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Financialization of hashrate. Pricing hashrate tokens. Assessing counterparty risk.

About the episode
Ethan Vera is Head of Finance at Luxor Technologies, a fully integrated blockchain company. Luxor Mining is a suite of high-quality, enterprise-grade stratum mining pools that serves both public miners and private mining farms that need a highly-stable and low-latency pool for their mining operations.

Topics unstacked
- What is the financialization of hashrate?
- Why have we not seen liquid hashrate markets?
- How does counterparty risk change for hashrate token holders?
- How are hashrate tokens different from cloud mining contracts?
- What are some valuation frameworks for pricing hashrate tokens?
+ much more!

Luxor Technologies
Mining & Hashrate Substack 
When Bitcoin Mining meets DeFi
The Alchemy of Hashpower

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