*New* Crypto Unstacked Trader's Edition
Deep Dive: Spartan Capital | Madness? This is DeFi!

August 04, 2020

Deep Dive: Spartan Capital | Madness? This is DeFi!
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Crypto Unstacked is excited to kick off our new #DeFi Defined series with Jason Choi, Head of Research at Spartan Capital, a long/short crypto hedge fund based in Hong Kong.

We unstack:
► How DeFi fits into Spartan’s investment thesis and the fund’s due diligence process for evaluating DeFi projects and tokens
► Yield farming 101, his observations on the different market participants involved, the risks, and what to look out for
► Are people in for the governance or the eye-popping yields?
► Base layers like Solana competing against Ethereum 
► Drivers of the recent ETH and BTC rally? 
► DeFi in Asia + more!

02:38 Introduction
07:24 What is Spartan?
12:26 DeFining #DeFi
17:18 Base layer competition v. Ethereum
19:49 ETH v ETH 2.0
22:39 Synthetix and Curve
26:04 Yield Farming 101
30:33 Governance tokens
33:06 Drivers of recent ETH and BTC rally
36:34 Pricing inefficiency of low cap & low liquidity crypto
40:35 DeFi in Asia
43:18 Jason's contrarian view
44:57 Rapid fire Q&A

Website: www.spartangroup.io

Twitter: @ambergroup_io
Telegram: @AmberGroup
Email: contact@ambergroup.io
Website: https://www.ambergroup.io/

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