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Deep Dive: Unstacking John McAfee (Part 2)

June 16, 2020

Deep Dive: Unstacking John McAfee (Part 2)
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This week we continue with Part 2 of our conversation with the one and only - John McAfee.

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We unstack:

McAfee on Crypto: “By the end of this month, the GHOST Exchange will be up and running with the ability to cash out into fiat if you want.” (1:13)

McAfee on being a #BTC Bear: “They’re investing in all the thousands of cryptocurrencies hoping to make a quick buck rather than using them to free themselves from financial slavery.” (20:39 )

McAfee on the inception of McAfee Anti-Virus: “That was just a fluke, simply an opportunity.” (36:12)

McAfee on Canning Plans: “If you have a plan, burn it, throw it away and do something else, because what creates companies is not a plan, is not an idea.” (42:11)


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