*New* Crypto Unstacked Trader's Edition
What Happens When an NFT Collector, Artist, Community Builder, and Gamer Come Together?

September 17, 2021

What Happens When an NFT Collector, Artist, Community Builder, and Gamer Come Together?
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Oasis Unstacked is a new segment of Crypto Unstacked covering NFTs, the metaverse, gaming & everything in between!

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About this episode
Introducing Oasis Unstacked! Meet your co-hosts and see what an NFT collector, artist, Web 3 community builder, and gamer have to say about the future of NFTs, the metaverse and crypto gaming.

Oasis Unstacked Co-Hosts

Tom Yi
Tom is an investor and a collector. He runs Kanosei, a Web3 venture investing in NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi opportunities. Prior to Kanosei, he worked as an investment professional for more than 6 years. As a crypto native collector, Beeple’s Infected is the first artwork he collected. Also, Tom is a member of FlamingoDAO, FingerprintsDAO, NeptuneDAO, Muse0, and more DAOs

Dave Krugman
Dave  is a photographer, cryptoartist, and the Founder of ALLSHIPS.CO, which is a creative community centered on Web3 technologies, and is based on the concept that a rising tide raises all ships. He believes that technology unlocks infinite space for creatives to thrive, and works to help artists become self sovereign. 

Louis Giraux
Louis has been involved with DAOs and online community building for the past 3 years. More recently Louis has been growing and managing the SuperRare community and is actively contributing to DAO related projects like SeedClub and Orca Protocol. 

Elle got into crypto with an NFT game, and she’s treated play as investing and investing as play ever since. She’s currently working at Greenfield One analyzing NFTs and Web3 experiences. If she’s not in Discord, she’s probably relaxing with Stardew Valley or another farming game.

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