*New* Crypto Unstacked Trader's Edition

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Crypto Unstacked (Flagship)
Offers deep-dive conversations with movers and shakers shaping the crypto ecosystem.

Trader's Edition
Highlights conversations with crypto-native traders. 

Oasis Unstacked
Covers NFTs, the metaverse, crypto gaming and everything in between.

About the Hosts


Co-Host of Oasis Unstacked
NFT Analyst, Greenfield One
Avid crypto gamer

Dave Krugman

Co-Host of Oasis Unstacked
NFT Artist

Tom Yi

Co-Host of Oasis Unstacked
Co-Founder, Kanosei Ventures

Sudhu Arumugam

Host of Crypto Unstacked (Trader's Edition)
Co-Founder, CoinFLEX

Leslie Lamb

Host of Crypto Unstacked (Flagship Podcast)
Chief Marketing Officer, CoinFLEX