*New* Crypto Unstacked Trader's Edition

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Crypto Unstacked (Flagship)
Offers deep-dive conversations with movers and shakers shaping the crypto ecosystem.

Trader's Edition
Highlights conversations with crypto-native traders. 

Oasis Unstacked
Covers NFTs, the metaverse, crypto gaming and everything in between.

About the Hosts

Leslie Lamb

Host of Crypto Unstacked (Flagship Podcast)
Chief Marketing Officer, CoinFLEX

Sudhu Arumugam

Host of Crypto Unstacked (Trader's Edition)
Co-Founder, CoinFLEX

Tom Yi

Co-Host of Oasis Unstacked
Co-Founder, Kanosei Ventures

Dave Krugman

Co-Host of Oasis Unstacked
NFT Artist


Co-Host of Oasis Unstacked
NFT Analyst, Greenfield One
Avid crypto gamer