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January 21, 2022

Deep Dive: Johnnie Walker Blue | Why a Senior Executive at One of the World's Largest Banks is Quitting For Crypto

Johnnie Walker Blue aka @JWBlue212 is a long time Crypto Twitter member who's quitting traditional banking to join crypto full-time.

Trader's Edition

December 29, 2021

Deep Dive: Cumberland | Lessons Learned Growing Up as a Trader Within DRW's Global Powerhouse

Paul Kremsky is the Global Head of Business Development at Cumberland, the Chicago-based cryptocurrency trading unit of DRW Holdings LLC.

Trader's Edition

December 25, 2021

Deep Dive: B2C2 | How the Number #1 Trader at Google Found Bitcoin in 2012

Max Boonen is Founder of B2C2, one of the largest cryptocurrency liquidity providers and the leader in electronic OTC trading.

Trader's Edition

October 04, 2021

Deep Dive: QCP Capital | Options market insights from one of the oldest Asia-based crypto OTC desks

Popularizing crypto options. QCP's trading strategies. Global macro.

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