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Deep Dive: Fireblocks | Securing Money Moves at Scale

June 12, 2020

Deep Dive: Fireblocks | Securing Money Moves at Scale
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Amy Zhang, Vice President of Asia Sales, and Stephen Richardson, Head of Product Strategy joins the show from Fireblocks, a leading cryptocurrency security provider.

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In 2019, Fireblocks came out of stealth mode raising $16m from investors including Eight Roads (the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International), Swisscom Ventures, and Tenaya Capital. By January 2020, Fireblocks announced that they were securing $9bn+ in assets and that number has now surpassed $30bn as Fireblocks continues to grow its network of 50+ institutional clients including exchanges, wallets, custodians, brokerages, and OTC desks. As the first adopter of MPC technology in Asia, Amber Group is proud to be a Fireblocks partner.

We unstack:
►Changing the narrative around custody and security
►Enabling a smoother operational experience between crypto native market participants and legacy financial institutions entering the digital asset ecosystem
►Future integrations with DeFi platforms

6:09 Introduction to Fireblocks - the early days addressing scalability gaps
8:39 The growing Fireblocks network
12:57 Trends in the crypto capital markets
16:10 Leveraging Fireblocks for security and operational efficiency
24:29 What is MPC and the differences between MPC and Multi-sig
38:04 Fireblocks integration with decentralized finance
39:23 Fireblock’s tokenization platform
42:45 What’s next for Fireblocks in Asia


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