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Deep Dive: Pantera Capital | The Longest Running Crypto Fund

September 18, 2020

Deep Dive: Pantera Capital | The Longest Running Crypto Fund
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Evolving investment thesis. Crypto investments in Asia. Future of scalability protocols.

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About the episode
Paul Veradittakit is a Partner at Pantera Capital, one of the oldest crypto-focused funds. 

We unstack

- Pantera's wide geographic focus investing in countries outside of the US
- Types of crypto investments in Asia that are appealing to Pantera
- Pantera's evolving thesis around payments, trading infrastructure, speculation and scalability
- The future of scalability protocols like Near, Polkadot, Solana etc...
+ more!

6:47 Pantera's view on crypto in Asia
10:41 Early crypto applications
17:29 Pantera's evolving investment thesis
27:00 How Pantera's LPs prefer to get more exposure in crypto
37:27 Bitcoin as the first DeFi project
41:46 Maturing the DeFi space
47:50 Hardest advice to give entrepreneurs
49:40 Convictions about the future of crypto

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