*New* Crypto Unstacked Trader's Edition
Deep Dive: Volt Capital | Forming an Institutional Alliance in DeFi?

August 14, 2020

Deep Dive: Volt Capital | Forming an Institutional Alliance in DeFi?
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DeFi yield aggregators. Bitcoin in DeFi. DeFi Alliance.

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About the episode
Imran Khan is an investor at Volt Capital

Topics unstacked
- Volt Capital’s investment thesis as a pre-seed equity fund 
- Two of their portfolio companies: Dharma & Valiu 
- DeFi capital, DeFi yield aggregators, and Bitcoin in DeFi 
- The founding story behind the Chicago DeFi Alliance 
- The new DeFi accelerator backed by institutional trading firms such as Jump Trading, DRW and CMT Digital + more!

2:25 Imran's early days as an entrepreneur
5:50 Being a strategic investor and active network participant
8:26 Volt's Investment Thesis
13:58 Yield farming bringing in new users to DeFi?
18:07 DeFi Yield Aggregators
24:46 Bitcoin in DeFi
32:00 Chicago DeFi Alliance
40:00 Bitcoin's future
42:12 Rapid Fire Q&A

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Volt Capital: https://www.volt.capital/ 
Chicago DeFi Alliance: https://chicagodefi.org/

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