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[Mini Dive] BCH Fork | Checkmate - The King (ABC) is Dead

November 16, 2020

[Mini Dive] BCH Fork | Checkmate - The King (ABC) is Dead
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This is a special episode covering the recent November 15th BCH hardfork with insights drawn from conversations with and writings from active BCH supporters: George Donnelly, Founder of BCH-remittance platform Panmoni, and Mike Komaransky, founder of crypto trading firm Grapefruit Trading.

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Quick takeaways
- The incumbent ABC team’s controversial funding plan proposal posed massive implications for the utility and development for BCH down the line.
- BCHN’s win over ABC preserves the decentralized nature of the BCH blockchain
- The fact that miners largely had consensus for the BCHN protocol design means that it should be a forcing function for smoother blockchain development going forward.


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